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Papa Roach - Into The Connection with Papa Roach 1

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Papa Roachs seventh album, The Connection, and first full-length studio record for Eleven Seven Music solidifies their signature sound big choruses, loud guitars, raw introspection while sonically taking a great leap ahead. Recorded over several months at the band's Sacramento-based home studio The Red House, their first full-length album recorded there The Connection embraces a strong digital element, while never losing sight of the bands ferocious energy.

This record is about all the connections I have in my life, says front man Jacoby Shaddix. Its what I feel with my band, with music, with myself, with friends and with our fans when we come together. When we connect, we all become something greater.

This is an extended version of the Into The Connection with Papa Roach radio special featuring Shaddix in a conversation with Matt Pinfield. The program highlights 6 new songs from The Connection, along with the bands 1 hits Last Resort and Lifeline.

*** Jacoby discusses the health of his voice and gives insight into his recent surgery
*** A little more explanation of Jacoby's recovery, working with John Feldman of Goldfinger, writing "Still Swingin," looking back on 20 years of Papa Roach

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