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Passenger - Do What You Like

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It never felt, like it felt when I felt it
for the first time with you
and you know I wouldn't lie

Now I'm standing by the fountain
and I'm counting
all the sunken coins
maybe they know what it's like

To be a stain on your shirt
and a hole in your jeans
to be a speckle of dirt
on your dress so clean

Because I give you my all
and you give nothing to me
so go on Do what you like

You never meant what you said
but you said it because you've had one or two
and you know that's what you're like

Now I'm standing by the wall feeling small
as you're working the room
and I know that he's your type

With his tight fitted shirt
and his designer jeans
well you treat me like dirt
and I treat you like a queen
you have the time in the world
and not a second for me
So go on do what you like

you took me to the party
I don't know anybody but I'll
wait for you

(Yes) you left me here alone
and you're not answering the phone
and still I'll
wait for you

Because the taxi's just a fiver
but I am your designated driver and I'll
wait for you

Because this night could be the night
when you realize it is right and so I'll
wait for you

So no smoking, no drinking
straight thinking because
I'm driving you home
and I think your coat's upstairs

Now standing on the landing
and I'm staring through an open door
I can't believe it

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