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Добавлен: 2016-12-11
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I aint no Horse

He I aint got no horse
- Well spotted and I aint no horse
But I wanted it I cant see it Nowhere
- Have you ever seen a horse standing in a kitchen?
You dont take me seriously
- Because I bought no horse for you?
But I want it - its name is Pete
- You already have a name?
Yes, I love him - he is my best friend
- But it needs to be fed
It needs to be fed? No problem, I can do that- give me adequate pocket money
- A horse is no toy - it lives and has real feelings
Now you overdo
- Have you ever heard about companionship?
Those girls deserve no horses
I may be wrong not this time
Anger shades their faces
Change of scene change of mind
The girl and her horse - pearls before swine
Leave her alone that coddled child
Merry Chrisas How about a smile?
Fantasy saves both time and money
There seems to be something wrong with this young child
She doesnt know it - any better


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